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View information related to links.
The Links section allows you to monitor all the links on your site and validate that they are correct and pointing to trustworthy 3rd parties.

Use Cases

  • Determine whether your site hosts safe links to trusted external sites.


Link tags that were discovered on your site are analyzed and detailed information is extracted such as the host they link to, file type, and response code when the link is requested.


Risk is assigned by verifying that links are using HTTPS and the destination sites are not flagged for malware, phishing, or adult content.
  • High ( Red):
    • Unknown email address (mailto) links.
    • Phishing or malware detected.
    • Links blocked by SRI.
  • Medium ( Yellow):
    • The link is not using HTTPS.
    • Phone number links.
    • Email address (mailto) links that are out-of-scope.
  • Low ( Green): No significant risks are associated with the link.
Links rated High or Medium risk will create issues.
We recommend fixing High and Medium risk issues immediately.


  • Overview: Risk rating and overview of all the links discovered, including geographical locations, file extensions, response codes, and more.
  • Summary: Sites and paths that are linked to and number of occurrences.
  • Hosts: List of all sites that are linked to.
  • List: List of links found per target.
  • Changes: View link changes between current and previous scans.
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