Monitor downloads that are available on your site.

The Downloads section allows you to monitor all of the downloads available on your site and verify that they are being transmitted securely from trustworthy sites.

Use Cases

  • Verify that downloads are hosted by safe websites. Monitoring this section lets you make sure that files are being transmitted securely over HTTPS and not being hosted on blacklisted sites.


During the crawling process, the scanner connects to links found and determines if they are downloadable content.


Risk is assigned by verifying that downloads are using HTTPS and the destination sites are not flagged for malware, phishing, or adult content.

  • High ( Red): Phishing or malware detected.

  • Medium ( Yellow): The download is not using HTTPS.

  • Low ( Green): No significant risks are associated with the download.

Downloads rated High or Medium risk will create issues.

We recommend fixing High and Medium risk issues immediately.


Downloads can be monitored for changes by toggling their monitor status on the List page. If a change is detected it will trigger a website-download-monitor-change event so you can be immediately notified.

Learn more about events at:



  • Overview: Shows risk ratings, response codes, size, download speed, extensions, and more.

  • List: Lists downloads found per target. Toggle monitor status of downloads.

  • Changes: View changes to downloads between current and prior scans.

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