Discovered Assets

Managing assets that have been discovered.

As assets are discovered across your attack surface, they'll appear in your account in many places, and there are several actions you can take.

The primary goal is to help you add previously unknown or unmonitored assets as targets within your account so you can have a complete picture of external risks.

View discovered assets

You can view assets that have been discovered by visiting the Discovery Overview. Here you will find a breakdown of how many domains and networks have been discovered and either added as targets or acknowledged, as well as a list of all discovered assets.


Different colors represent the status of the assets that have been discovered. We use the following colors:

  • Green: Scanned

  • Light grey: Acknowledged

  • Dark grey: Shadow assets

Shadow assets

Shadow assets are those that have been identified during the Discovery process, but not yet acknowledged or added as targets. We strongly recommend taking a look at any shadow assets that are discovered and determining whether these are a part of your organization.

Shadow assets will appear dark grey with a "+" symbol in the Risk Score column. Clicking them will ask you to either add the asset as a target or acknowledge it.

Add discovered assets as targets for security monitoring

When you've identified a shadow asset that belongs to your organization, you will want to add it as a target. Adding an asset as a target enables all of our scanning services for the target and immediately launches a scan.

Acknowledged assets

Some things we find may not belong to your organization. They could belong to third parties you work with or be unconnected to your organization (false positives).

While other systems may automatically add all suspected assets to your inventory, we believe that it's important to have no false positive targets within your account, so we provide simple and quick methods to weed out discovered assets that don't belong within your account.

By acknowledging an asset, the system removes it from your Discovery list and does not identify it in the future. To view assets that have been acknowledged, visit:

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