HTTP Servers

HTTP servers that were detected on firewall assets.

The HTTP Servers section provides information about web servers that were detected during scanning.


The Overview page displays general information related to the findings, including the HTTP response codes that were observed, any redirects that were found, and the scope status of discovered hosts. You will also see any platforms, web server information, and “powered by” findings related to the servers.


  • List: The List page displays detailed information per target, including any response codes that were seen and destination hosts when a redirect was encountered. Scope status is also shown, so if any redirects lead outside of your defined assets they will be correctly identified as out-of-scope.

  • Hosts: The Hosts page displays all hosts that were discovered during scanning, including out-of-scope hosts that may have been found via redirects on the web applications. If you recognize an out-of-scope host as belonging to your organization or attack surface, it’s as simple as clicking the “+” icon to add it to your scope. For in-scope hosts, the risk score is also displayed.

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