Alerts allow you to receive notifications when critical events have occurred.

Certain events are a high priority to your business and may require immediate action. When acting quickly is important, you can configure events to trigger alerts that will be sent to you via email from the email address

Alerts are configured on a per-user basis, so different members of your organization can receive different alerts.

Setting up alert rules

Alerts are highly configurable. By default, we include several predefined alert rules that most organizations find valuable.

To add an alert rule, go to Events > Alert Rules and click the + icon. Under Key, search for and select the event key that you would like to trigger an alert.

You can further limit the rule to only apply in certain situations:

  • Tag - Limit the alert to only triggering for targets that have a certain tag.

  • Host - Limit the alert to only triggering when the event is related to a particular hostname. For instance, if you limit the Website Script Risk event to the host, you would only be alerted when the risk rating of a script loaded from changed.

  • Source - Limit the alert to only triggering when generated by a specific target, network, or domain within your account.

By default, all of these options will default to * (any) and trigger for all targets within your account.

If you'd like, you can also easily add a note to any rule to remind yourself what is for.

You will receive an alert if the event matches any of the alert rules.

Predefined alert rules

You can remove any of the predefined alert rules and add your own. If you have no alerts configured, we'll apply the default ruleset. You can always unsubscribe from receiving alerts under Account > Settings > Notifications.

Managing alert rules

You can edit or remove alert rules at any time. To manage your alert rules, go to Events > Alert Rules and click the pencil icon on the alert you'd like to edit or delete. To delete the rule click the trash can icon. To edit the rule, adjust any settings and click Save.

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