Monitor issues and vulnerabilities that pose a risk to your organization.

Issues is the main portal where you can monitor and manage any vulnerabilities that have been identified across all of your in-scope targets. If you have Server or Application scanning enabled, this is also where you will find those findings.

When a vulnerability has been remediated and is no longer found, it will appear in the Issues > Retired section. After a total of 5 scans that do not identify the specific issue, it will reach a confidence level of 100% and be removed from the list.


Halo Security’s approach to rating issues aims to highlight the actual business impact and risk of breach or data loss. Learn more about how we assign risk at:



The Issues > Summary page also displays the prevalence of issues. This icon tells you how often an issue is found across all scans that have been performed. This value is calculated by the number of instances detected using the following:

  • 1000+ - Very Common

  • 200 - 1000 - Somewhat Common

  • 20 - 200 - Less Common

  • < 20 - Rare

Vulnerability Management

To learn how to manage issues and establish a remediation workflow, view more information at:

pageVulnerability Management


  • Overview: View the highest risk issues across targets and their workflow statuses and assignees.

  • Summary: See all issues that were found, the number of instances, and how common they are.

  • List: List all issues found per target, when they were first found, their last scan date, and risk rating.

  • Instances: List of specific issue instances found per target along with details about the finding.

  • Retired: List of issues that are no longer identified along with their confidence level, when they were last found, and the date of the previous scan.

  • Changes: View changes to issues between the current and previous scans.

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