Additional services that we offer.
We offer additional add-on services that are integrated into the platform to identify additional issues. These are Server and Application scanning.

Server Scanning

Server scanning detects network level vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in services and operating system components that are running on your assets. Our database of issues is constantly updated and contains tens of thousands of known vulnerabilities. This scan uses Qualys' engine, configured for external assets to reduce false positives.

Application Scanning

Application scanning identifies vulnerabilities in web applications using Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). This approach identifies common issues such as those that exist in the OWASP Top 10. This scan uses Qualys' engine.

Managing Target Services

Target services can be enabled at any time in the Services section. We highlight recommended services based on the following criteria:
  • If ports are open, we recommend Server Scanning.
  • If a web server is identified, we recommend Application Scanning.
We recommend scanning all servers that are in your control with server scanning and all applications that include custom code with application scanning.