The Halo Security API enables customers and partners to programmatically integrate certain components of Halo Security services into their applications.

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Many features of the Halo Security Platform are currently incorporated into the API, including the ability to:

  • View information about Targets, as well as add and modify them.

  • Retrieve information about on-going and past Scans and launch new ones.

  • View Technology and vulnerable versions of Software, Javascript, and Firewall services.

  • List Issues that have been found and update their status.

  • Submit in-scope PCI assets for attestation.

  • Create Webhooks that are triggered on Events.

  • Manage account functionality.

For more information about the Halo Security Platform please visit the site.

This documentation is under construction and the API is currently in beta. Please use caution as endpoints and specifications are subject to change.

Check back for more soon. We're working on hard on building an incredible API.

Accessing the Halo Security API

The Halo Security API endpoint is accessible at

An API key is required for all requests. For additional information please see the Authentication section.

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