Events are an important concept and are used in webooks and the API.

Learn more about events and managing them within your account:

Standard response format

Events return JSON data with several standard fields, as well as event-specific fields that are detailed in the documentation for that event. These standard fields are the following:




ID of the event that was triggered



Description of the event



Key name of the event



URL to access the event ID

Example data

An example of the standard response returned by an Event

    "event_id": "202201010112004328b91bcffff5941efffffa426450d098f",
    "subject": "Subject",
    "key": "key-name",
    "url": ""

Events List

There are many kinds of events. Each kinds has a distinct key that you can use to filter events or configure integrations. The full list is below:


API Key Added

User Added

Domain Added

New Domain Host Discovered

Scan Complete

First Scan Complete

Scan Started

New Domain TLD Discovered

Firewall Port Banner Changed

Firewall Port Opened

New Issue Detected

Network Added

New Network IP Discovered

Network IP Offline

New Network Port Discovered

Network Port Closed

Scan Complete

First Scan Complete

Scan Started

PCI Report Approved

PCI Report Has Expired

PCI Report Expires Soon

PCI Report Expires Today

PCI Report Rejected

Project Engineer Assigned

Project File Attached

Project State Changed

Target Added

Scan Failed

Scan Complete

First Scan Complete

Scan Started

New Technology

New Technology (First Scan)

SSL Certificate Expired

SSL Certificate Expiring

SSL Certificate New Country

SSL Certificate New Issuer

SSL Certificate Risk

Monitored Website Cookie Changed

Website Cookie New Country

Website Cookie Out-of-Scope

Website Cookie Risk

Monitored Website Download Changed

Website Download New Country

Website Download Out-of-Scope

Website Download Risk

Monitored Website Form Changed

Website Form New Country

Website Form Out-of-Scope

Website Form Risk

Monitored Website Header Changed

Website Header Risk

Website Link New Country

Website Link New Email

Website Link New Phone

Website Link Out-of-Scope

Website Link Risk

Monitored Website Script Changed

Website Script New Country

Website Script Out-of-Scope

Website Script Risk

Website Traffic New Country

Website Traffic Out-of-Scope

Domain Registration Changes

Domain Registration Expired

Domain Registration Expiring

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