DNS Records

DNS records for your assets.

During the scanning process, we catalog all DNS records that were observed for targets.


This section details DNS records related to targets that were scanned. The Overview shows all records that were found as well as the number of occurrences. Clicking on any of the occurrences will bring you to the List view, filtering by that entry.


  • Summary: The Summary page has a breakdown of targets and a count of how many of each type of record were found for each. We can click the record count to bring us to the List view and display the values for each target.

  • Hosts: The Hosts page lists the hosts that were discovered via DNS records and a count of each record type that they were found in. Out-of-scope hosts can be added as targets.

  • List: List view displays each record per target, along with the type of record (A, CNAME, MX, etc).

  • Dig: CNAME or alias records that were observed for targets.

  • SOA: The SOA or Start of Authority page lists SOA records that were identified for each target. These records provide required information for a domain which lists things like the domain administrator, when it was last updated, and the time that should elapse before refreshing its information.

  • TXT: This page lists any TXT records that were found. These records can be used for various purposes such as site verification and preventing spam (in the case of SPF TXT records).

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