Access reports and data related to findings.

This section allows you to generate and download a variety of reports and download data relating to findings throughout the platform.


The Analytics section can generate reports so you can view trends and timelines of risk and other findings. These reports are:

  • Risk Change: Risk Change allows you to view how your risk rating has changed over the past week for every in-scope target.

  • Issue Timeline: The Issue Timeline shows a calendar view of what issues have been found along with their severity.

  • Firewall Timeline: The Firewall Timeline displays a graph of when open ports were detected and their risk.

PDF Reports

The PDF section allows you to generate the following reports in the PDF format:

  • Issue Report: A list of all issues found across your targets. It has a 50 target limit.

  • Executive Summary: A high-level overview of your risk rating, attack surface, issues, and other sections of the scan findings.

Generated reports will be available in the Files section for download.


The CSV section offers downloads for Issues, Targets, and all of your Discovery, Firewall, and Website findings.

This can be useful if you would like to analyze or use this data elsewhere.

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