Roles & Permissions

Roles and permissions limit user access to data in your organization's account.

User Roles

When adding a user to your organization's account, there are 6 roles you can assign them to limit their access to functionality and viewing information about targets in the system. These roles are:

  • Administrator - Full control of the account, users, and billing

  • Power User - Full target management

  • User - Access findings

  • Viewer - View reports and update/assign workflows

  • Marketing - Access Certification data

  • Billing - Manage payment information and subscriptions


Assigned roles have permission to perform the following actions in your organization's account:


Manage Users

Add or remove users from the account and edit user details.


Manage Billing

Update or edit payment information. Create or cancel subscriptions.

Administrator Billing

Manage Targets

Add or remove targets. Assign licenses to targets.

Administrator *Power User


Manage integrations with third-party services.

Administrator Power User

Manage Exceptions

Create and manage exceptions.

Administrator *Power User *User

Manage Workflows

Assign or update the status of workflows.

Administrator *Power User *User *Viewer

Acknowledge Hosts

Acknowledge and un-acknowledge connected hosts.

Administrator *Power User *User

Start Scan Begin scans.

Administrator *Power User *User

View Reports

View and download reports.

Administrator Power User User Viewer


View Discovery.

Administrator *Power User *User *Viewer


Manage all certification settings, including adding new sites.

Administrator Power User User Viewer Marketing

Breach Insurance

Manage and view Breach Insurance information.

Administrator Power User User Viewer Marketing

Search Submission

Start crawls, manage settings, and view Search Submission results.

Administrator Power User User Viewer Marketing

Diagnostics Start crawls, manage settings, and view and hide Diagnostics results.

Administrator Power User User Viewer Marketing

Security Target Access

Security Target Access lets you limit users to only accessing certain targets. Users can have tags set that allow them to access only targets with those tags in all sections of the application including Targets, Firewalls, Websites, Issues, and Events.

Security Target Access tags can be assigned when creating a user, and multiple tags can be selected. If you later wish to change a user's tags, you can do so by clicking their name in the User panel and going to Permissions.

For Discovery permissions, users with the Power User, User, and Viewer roles will be limited by their Security Target Access settings. If a tag is set, they will have no access to the Discovery portion of the application.

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