Auto Tags

Automatically group targets.

We also offer auto tag functionality that allows you to create rules where tags will be applied based on certain criteria, such as a target's risk rating increasing to a particular level, or a target having a specific port open. Auto Tags can be viewed or configured in the Settings -> Auto Tags page.

Rule sets

From Settings -> Auto Tags, you can create or edit auto tag rule sets. Select the name for the ruleset and the tag you would like automatically applied to the targets that match the rules.

You can select the match type to be:

  • All: The target must match every rule for the tag to be applied.

  • Any: The target must match at least one rule for the tag to be applied.

  • None: The target must match none of the rules.


Rules can be set to either match or not match a criteria. The following criteria can be used:

  • Risk Score

  • Date

  • Created Date

  • Scan

  • IP

  • Domain

  • Technology

  • Technology Category

  • Country

  • Name

  • Hostname

  • Scan Frequency

  • Issue Count

  • Issue Id

  • Issue Name

  • Issue Severity

  • Issue Department

  • Service

  • Port

  • Has HTTP Redirect

  • HTTP Location

  • Tag

  • Whois Organization

  • Firewall Product

  • Issue Name

  • Issue Severity

  • Issue Department

  • Technology

  • Technology Category

  • HTTP Response Code

Each type has a variety of value options with details provided in the add rule modal.

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