Integrate with Zapier to connect your Halo Security account to 3rd party applications.

Zapier is a simple way to connect your Halo Security account to Jira, Slack, ServiceNow, and over 3,000 more apps.

We currently offer 3 Zapier triggers:

  • New Issue - Triggers when new issues are discovered.

  • New Port - Triggers when a new open port is discovered.

  • New Technology - Triggers when previously unidentified technology is discovered.

Halo Security's Zapier integration works by creating a Zap that connects the platform to a third-party app. Zaps have 2 primary sections: the trigger (Halo Security event you would like to receive) and the action (the 3rd party app and behavior you would like to happen for the event).

Using a Zap template

Zap templates provide predefined Zaps that connect to common third-party apps. Currently, we have templates for Slack and Jira integrations.

pageSlack (via Zapier)pageJira (via Zapier)pageService Now (via Zapier)

Creating a custom Zap

  1. Create a Zapier API Key.

  2. Select the trigger you would like to use under the "Supported triggers and actions" section. This will start the process of creating a new Zap with the trigger you chose.

  3. Connect a new account in the "Choose account" section and enter your API key.

  4. After the account has been selected, test the trigger to ensure that everything is working correctly.

  5. Next, select the action or app that you would like to connect to.

  6. You will be asked to authenticate to the app or provide an API key.

  7. The next steps will vary depending on the application, but you will choose the specific type of action and customize it, using fields that are returned by the Halo Security trigger.

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