HTTP connectors enable you to automatically import assets from files hosted online. With HTTP connectors, you can dynamically generate a file to integrate any existing service with Halo Security and ensure an accurate and up-to-date asset inventory.

Preparing an HTTP file

Start by hosting an HTTP file on the internet.

  • The content type should be text/plain.

  • The file should list IPs and/or hostnames, with each entry on a separate line.

An example file would look like this:

Add an HTTP connector

To add an HTTP connector, go to AssetsSeeds → Connectors → Add Connector. Name the HTTP connector, then configure the settings.


  • Name: An internal name for this connector. You can use multiple HTTP connectors for different URLs.

  • Auto Run: Determines the frequency of adding assets from the file to your asset list.

  • URL: The location of the file.

    • Example:

  • Headers: Optional HTTP headers for authentication or tracking.

  • Username / Password: Optional basic HTTP authentication credentials for accessing the URL.

  • Ignored Assets: Optional list of assets to ignore when parsing the file.

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