Import assets using a Cloudflare API token.

Connect your Cloudflare account with Halo Security to automatically import targets into your account and discover origin IPs of assets behind the CDN.

Create an API token

The custom API token only gives Halo Security the necessary permissions to read DNS zones and records associated with your account.

  1. Sign in to your Cloudflare account, and access the API tokens page.

  2. Select Create Token, then choose to create a custom token.

  3. Give the new token a name, like Halo Security Connector.

  4. For Permissions, select: Zone > DNS > Read

  5. Continue to Summary, then select Create Token.

  6. Copy the API token to your clipboard.

Setup the connector

  1. Access the Connectors page in your Halo Security account.

  2. Click the + icon to add a new connection.

  3. Give the connection a name, and choose Cloudflare for the type.

  4. Enter your API token into the form and select Save Changes.

Using the connector

Now that your account is integrated with Cloudflare, you may run the connector. After it has been run, new Zones and Records will populate. Viewing either of these pages will allow you to add individual zones (domain names) and records (subdomain names and IP addresses).

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