Viewing Scan Results

Once your initial scans have completed, it's time to take a look at the findings.


The Dashboard provides a high-level overview of your security posture and displays your organization's overall risk score.
You'll see a map with the geolocations of your targets and connected assets. The attack surface summary shows the status of your domains, networks, targets, ports, and websites.
The dashboard also highlights vulnerabilities, risks, and recommendations.


Within the navigation, you'll notice there's a button with a funnel icon that says All Targets by default. This button allows you to filter the reports beneath it (from Overview to Reports). You can filter by selecting targets, tags, or using advanced filtering.
When you select from the filter options, all reports below will only show results from those targets, allowing you to easily focus in on specific targets or specific organization units.
Learn more about filtering:


The Overview provides an overview of the security of your targets, and allows you to easily identify areas for improvement and dive into additional reports.