Starting a Trial

See the risks across your attack surface and get to know the Halo Security platform with a free 7-day trial. Getting started is easy.

Signing Up

If you don't already have an account with Halo Security:

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    First off, welcome!
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    Second, visit the trial signup page.
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    Enter your information.
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    We'll send you an email to verify yourself.
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    Once you confirm your email, we'll kick off an initial discovery using the domain on your email address.
You'll need to use a business email address, like [email protected] to sign up for the free trial as it's important for us to verify that you work with the organization. Also, scanning or wouldn't reveal anything about your organization's attack surface (unless, of course, you work at Google or Microsoft in which case our sales team is happy to chat

If you already have an account with Halo Security:

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    First off, thanks for using Halo Security!
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    Login to the Security section of the account.
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    Click the Start Trial button and we'll kick off an initial discovery.
If you've already completed a trial, have a Halo Security subscription, or don't have a company email address on your account, you won't be able to start a trial automatically. Contact us and we'll help you get set up!

Trial Limitations

Generally, we want the trial experience to accurately reflect our services as much as possible, but there are certain limitations you should be aware of.
  • By default, we limit our firewall and monitoring services to 100 targets. If you have more than 100 targets, awesome, we work with customers that have tens of thousands of external assets. If the limit is reached, a member of our team will likely increase the limit without you even asking, but if you hit that extended limit, reach out and we'll see what we can do.
  • We don't include server or application scanning in the trial. We offer complete external vulnerability scanning, including checking for OWASP Top 10 security risks, but these scans are slightly more invasive and we need to do some additional due diligence. You'll be able to see risks and security issues from the firewall monitoring and website monitoring services, but if you're interested in seeing vulnerabilities as well, get in touch!
  • We don't include any manual penetration testing PCI ASV reporting in the trial. We're happy to chat about your needs!
Other than that, everything is available to you, including access to our incredible security team. They are here to help you with everything from gaining a complete inventory of internet-facing assets, to explaining risks and recommendations, to chatting about your most pressing security concerns. We encourage you to talk with our security experts during your trial!