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Getting Started with a Trial

A guide for getting up and running with Halo Security.
If you're just getting started with (or are considering starting) a trial of Trusted Security, you're in the right place!
This guide will quickly introduce you to some key concepts and help you get familiar with the platform.
If you're not sure whether a trial is right for you, we have very helpful account executives (they won't bite, we promise) who can help you see if Halo Security is a good fit and demo the platform with you.
If you'd prefer to quickly get up and running, here's an overview of the process.

Trial Checklist

  • Start your free 7-day trial. We'll just ask for a little information and have you verify your email address if you don't already have an account.
  • Complete an initial discovery. Our platform will immediately start discovering your external assets using your primary domain as a seed domain. You can easily add additional seed domains to get an even more complete picture of your attack surface.
  • Add your team. Security is a team sport, and getting visibility across your organization is a key pillar of the platform. We never charge for additional users. Add away!
  • View your initial scan results. Within an hour, you should have initial results of your website and firewall scans. You'll be able to view risks across your attack surface and start to see the quality of information we can provide.
  • Get a sense of everything we offer. We offer several services beyond the trial, like complete vulnerability scanning, PCI ASV reporting, and penetration testing. If you're interested in moving forward, you can easily add services yourself or get in touch with our team to find a plan that works for you.
We hope you find this guide helpful and if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!